To increase brand awareness of Daebak without its parent brand and also, to introduce limited edition Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles to the public. Prior to digital activation, Daebak has zero online presence due to not having social media profiles. Due to people constantly exploring new instant noodles flavours, Daebak needed a solution to create a demand for their limited edition noodle flavour among the public.


We generated their online presence by creating social media accounts across Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We assisted the #CanOrNotChallenge online as well as reshared audiences’ IG Stories to build more noise and awareness about Daebak along with its limited edition noodles, and ultimately encourage more people to take part of #CanOrNotChallenge. With regards to social media postings, our content included fun elements as well as information about the Ghost Pepper Spicy Chicken Noodles.





i) Instagram followers growth has risen from zero to 3,300 followers.
ii) More than 3,500 #CanOrNotChallenge entries from March till end of May.
iii) Facebook fans growth increase from 61 to 682 (1,018.03%).

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