Horizontal Ang Pao Red Packet Printing Malaysia

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Ang pao red packet printing malaysia
130 gsm gloss art paper . Full Color Print (4 Color) . Double sided Printing . 5 pcs / pack . FREE DELIVERY (west Malaysia). 8 to 9 working days . 155mm x 79.5mm
(Hot stamping optional gold & red)

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Horizontal Ang Pao Red Packet Printing Malaysia

Horizontal Ang Pao Red Packet Printing Malaysia


FREE Logo + your company service + website insertion

You will receive a 4 digit order ID.
Free 1 round of logo / services /QR code/ infos insertion!
Please email your logo & payment slip to printing@alldesignsolution.com.my after placing orders!

Some designs are not suitable for hot stamping.
May enquired on WhatsApp: +60 10 818  9728

Free Delivery (West Malaysia Only)

Sample Bleed when preparing for your designer when preparing Design file. If you preparing artwork with hot stamping, make sure hot stamping is bigger than 10 pts with a stroke level over 0.1 pts. Failing to do so will have unexpected results and we bear no responsibility for any errors.

There might be a shortage of 5% extra or short in quantity.

Make sure you read through our terms & conditions.

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Horizontal Ang Pao Red Packet Printing Malaysia

Horizontal landscape hot stamping ang pao red packet printing Malaysia.  128 gsm . 4 Colors Prints . Double sided Printing . 5 pcs / pack

We do not have a custom size or material ang pao printing at the moment. You may download the ang pao and get your designer to create any design with our ang pao template. Please download the template above in RED button to start designing.

Looking for a red packet printing, ang pao printing, landscape gold stamping printing in Malaysia? You are in the right place! Order with us and we will ship directly to your doorstep (West Malaysia Only)!

Landscape ang pao, or landscape Red Money Packets are traditionally red packets that are passed out from married couples or elderly to unmarried. It generally distributed during Chinese New Year or Wedding as a blessing to the receiver.

Ang Pao/Ang Pow are gifts presented at social and family gatherings such as weddings, Chinese New Year, Newborn baby as a bless to the receiver. The red color of the ang pao, red packet symbolizes good fortune and luck. The images used on the front of an ang pao, red packet or money packet generally brings good wishes of long life, prosperity and good health to the receivers!

And it slowly spread and widely used for other festivals such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the giving of green packets to children and younger relatives has become a tradition in Malaysia. The green packets also evolved to include Islamic designs, such as ketupat, which is a popular food during Hari Raya, mosques and greetings such as “Salam Aidilfitri”. Contact us today and get the good bargain and the price includes delivery to your doorstep! Limited time only!

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